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Benefits Coordination

 As a Benefit Coordinator who is certified as a Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor. Don is  able to help our Clients with the below areas as well as finding and helping them attain many of the Federal, state, and local benefits that they qualify for in their present state. 

This includes but is not limited to:



SNAP Benefits




...Just to Name a Few

These are just the most common programs most people who come to see me apply to see if they qualify for them.

Also if you need help interpreting a letter from any of these sources I can translate it so you can understand what it is saying more clearly, if you need help filling out any type of forms, letters, Etc. 

Assist beneficiaries to make employment and financial decisions, including:

  • Developing short and long term financial goals;
  • Understanding the effect of increased earning on eligibility status and benefit amount  of Social Security disability and other federal benefits;
  • Making decisions related to the use of public and private health care options;
  • Accessing and gaining from community resources such as credit repair services, tax preparation assistance, financial education services, and other related supports; and
  • Using Individual Development Accounts, ABLE accounts, and other savings vehicles to achieve savings and asset acquisition goals.