Meet Nebbie Brown

What is your role here and how long have you been associated with Wings?

I am the General Manager and have been associated with Wings for 18 months. Before I was hired, I had heard of Wings but had no history with the organization.  

Things you like best about being here:

I truly enjoy being around my co-workers. We are more like family than just associates. I truly love when we can make a difference in one of our consumer’s life; whether it be through peer support, employment, or even just through transportation. When we can help someone gain some of his or her independence back, then that is when I’m happiest.  

Things you like best about Wings:

What I like best is how we provide support and assistance to those who can’t seem to get the assistance they need from anywhere else. I don’t see it like we are the “last resort” for people. Instead, we are the organization who can make a difference because we find ways to work with our consumers to give them the support they need in any way possible.

A favorite Wings memory:

My first Wings Christmas party. Seeing the smiles on the faces of people who were among friends and enjoying themselves without any reservations. Who knows how many of these people would have had a happy holiday memory otherwise. 

What excites you about the future of Wings?

Everything! I am a part of the foundation that we are building to be able to do more for our consumers and help make our community stronger, healthier, and better. We can truly make a difference, even if it’s one person at a time.

Favorite activity, interest, or hobby outside of Wings:

I have a life outside of Wings? Seriously, I love spending as much time as possible with my girlfriend and my cats. I also love collecting and reading comic books, collecting celebrity autographs, and creative writing.