Meet Karla Boyle


What is your role here at Wings?

I am a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and the Support Group Facilitator.

Things you like best about being here:

Being around people that care about and understand my struggles without feeling judged, just walking in and feeling like I belong.

Things you like best about what Wings does?

I think it is important for people who feel lost or alone in their day to day struggles (with mental health or addiction) to feel like they have a safe place they can go and have someone to talk to or just be themselves. Wings is that place.

What excites you about the future of Wings?

Hopefully, the bigger we get, the more people we can reach and help.

What’s your favorite activity, interest or hobby outside of Wings?

My kids come first, but I love to read and dabble in sewing. And, my guilty pleasure is point and click adventure games. (shh!)