Meet Diane Tustin

How long have you been associated with Wings and what is your history here?

I first came to Wings in 2008, when my family moved to Marysville, to attend 12 step meetings and the ceramics class. Shortly after, I volunteered my time and began teaching the ceramics class. In 2011 I began working for Maryhaven as a case aide at the T house which included the I’m Home residents at Wings. In January of 2014, I was offered the House Manager position for a new Women’s Recovery House (Buckeye Village) the MHRB was starting. In July of 2014 we were given the Hudson House, a recovery house for men. Managing both properties is my current position at Wings.

Things you like best about being here:

I like helping people recover and witnessing their lives improving. I also like the teamwork with my co-workers and the support from our Director.

Things you like best about Wings:

I like all the different support groups that are offered.

A favorite Wings memory:

Taking a group of Wings consumers and house residents to Washington DC in 2015 for a Recovery Rally.  


What excites you about the future of Wings?

We are going to offer different and new support groups and a peer support program.  

Favorite activity, interest, or hobby outside of Wings:

I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially my 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.